Desert beauty

Yesterday’s post wasn’t fair. There is beauty in the desert. There are hummingbirds (though they’re gray not brilliant green like the ones up north) and some beautiful flowers. There are rocky, scraggy little mountains that have their own form of beauty. And my allergies are practically gone out here in the desert. But I do miss the lush landscape and breathtaking views up in the coastal redwood forests.

I chose an ugly photo of an undeveloped lot covered in sand dunes, when just past that is an undeveloped lot alive with jackrabbits and wildflowers and all sorts of birds. There are mountains nearby (thus the Coachella Valley moniker) that turn purple at sunset. The desert can be beautiful if you look hard enough–even if you prefer mountains covered in evergreens as I do.

So in the interest of fairness, here are a few pics I’ve taken in the area that showcase it a little better.

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2 responses to “Desert beauty

  1. Lovely pictures. For the record, your previous post displayed the CC photo montage, but not the still of the desert (I use IE9, but I clicked through and it said your image wasn’t available). I suppose there are pros and cons of living anywhere, as the Humidfest in the high 90s reminds me. Having followed your moves from Orlando forward, I always appreciate your own appreciation of what you find wherever you go. P.S.: they put too much Truvia in a little packet for a single use (e.g., coffee.) I just had to share that.

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