Morning routine

I’m settling into a routine here in the desert, which is a good thing. The overabundance of sunshine helps. In Crescent City, our apartment had few windows and was surrounded by trees. Often we couldn’t tell if it was day or night because we were always in darkness. Now, we wake up naturally at about 5:45 AM with the sun. Days are longer and more productive as a result.

I get up at about 5:45 AM and take Pierogi for a walk. She’s still sleeping in the crate until we’re sure she’s house-trained and won’t whiz the carpet, so she’s ready to go as soon as she hears us stirring. We head out to the park to a potty break and to run around before the day gets too hot for it. That happens at about 7AM in the desert. (Midday walks are really just a sprint across hot pavement to a shaded spot for a potty break. By then both of us are hot and happy to get right back inside for the A/C.)

Pierogi and I do some sprints around the park. She’s not trained enough to come when called, so we can’t let her off-leash just yet. Besides, the park has a rule that leashes are required (though lots of dog owners ignore that). It’s good exercise for me too, so I’m happy to run along with her. We work on greeting the other dogs, though Pierogi is still terrified of two lovable but HUGE dogs that come to the park in the morning too. They want her to play, but she’ll have none of that. But each day we practice, and hopefully she’ll learn to like–or at least tolerate–them.

Then we come home and head out onto the balcony, I water plants, then eat my breakfast and stare at the laptop. I check email & Facebook, read news, and work on my online portfolio. Pierogi hangs out next to me, enjoying the breeze.

We’re also joined by hummingbirds, who show no fear. The dog ignores them, but I’m fascinated. They come over to my laptop and check out what I’m doing. They drink from the feeder that’s just an arm’s length away. They even land on the feeder and watch me. I was able to snag a few poor shots of them with my camera phone, shown in the slide show below. For some reason, I’m unable to crop the photos but I’ll keep trying.

It’s a great way to start the day, and the routine helps me be more productive. The only challenges are resisting the urge to nap by 10AM and holding off the hunger for lunch until later. When you eat breakfast at 6:30AM, 11AM feels like a perfectly good time for lunch.

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One response to “Morning routine

  1. krista.

    11a sounds like a good lunchtime to me in that scenario. And what tiny little birds! It took me a couple passes through the pics to figure out they were there. Tiny!

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