The Pierogi Files

Poor Pierogi. Her first few weeks with us were rough. She vomited a lot and lost some weight. I suppose all that time on the streets, scavenging for food, did a number on her sensitive doggy tummy. All tests came out negative for any disease, worms, or other problems. An x-ray showed that she’s got a beebee in her, but otherwise she’s okay. We just have to be very careful about what and when she is fed. She gets little meals a few times a day instead of just two meals, and I feed her after her walks.

I started making her a bland diet of chicken and rice with some veggies and oatmeal. She stopped vomiting, but she was still eating potting soil out of our plants. I’m told that means she is missing nutrients, so we decided to add new veggies and liver to her diet. I did just that, and after a week vomit-free, the liver addition made her projectile vomit like a character in a Farrelly Brothers film. It didn’t help that we took her to the park to run around, which activated the worst vomiting. It had been two hours since she’d eaten, so I thought she was in the clear.

We took it easy today, and she’s still a bit queasy. A trip to the management office of our complex was a treat, since it the A/C is set low (it was 108 degrees today) and they adore her. She got lots of attention and some tummy rubs. She also took the opportunity to take advantage of my sympathy and refused to follow the ‘Wait’ command we learned at obedience class on Sunday. She’s queasy, but she’s clever.


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  1. krista.

    I’m such a pet and food geek that I’m just giddy that you’re making Pierogi’s food. I had really wanted to start making cat food, and I’ve found a great resource to get vet-approved recipes, but Franklin is still to young (they need to be a year old according to the site). Now Maddie might need special food for her bladder, and I don’t know if there are supplements to add to food that serve that need. So for now, it’s just the best pre-made we can afford. I hope Pierogi’s tummy settles down for the long haul soon!

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