Dust storm ahead

Since moving to the desert, I’ve noticed “wind and dust storms ahead when flashing” signs. I’ve even seen the signs flashing. There have been nights when the streets look foggy from the sand blowing around. But M’s drive to work is far more serious than just blowing sand. On a recent drive home, winds estimated at about 60 mph blew the molding right off our little Honda Insight.

There are two small grooves in the roof of the car, and black molding runs through them. The high winds blowing through the open road lifted the molding right out of the grooves. M was able to retrieve the molding while it hung on by just a bit of glue, so it’s sitting in our car in the hopes that it can be replaced. But for now, I’m just glad only the molding was damaged. Cosmetic damage to a car doesn’t matter much to me, but having my loved one be safe on the road matters a lot. I think I’ll make an appointment soon to get the tires checked.


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  1. Jen

    I am glad M is ok. I have only seen those storms on tv or maybe on my National Geographic programs. The blowing dirt at construction sites in Boston is a bother, I can’t imagine what a storm would be like.

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