The drive down California, Day Two

Day Two started off rough since we didn’t shower. But we traveled on, keeping an eye out for unexpected truck routes. On the grapevine, I spent some time pulled over waiting for M after the weigh station. It was also a very slow drive for the truck, which really lacked power when loaded with stuff.

We made it to our new home at 4 or 5pm, just in time to meet our new apartment manager and sign the lease. We quickly learned that despite our excellent moving skills, our move-IN skills were lacking on this one. Neither of us remembered to set up utilities or get a money order for the deposit, both of which were required at move-in. We’d overlooked the paperwork we got upon approval. However, I quickly sprang into action. There was a branch of our bank next door, so I headed over for money orders while M was on the phone setting up the utilities in our name. The property manager was willing to give us keys anyway, but I wanted to do things correctly. Within a half-hour, we were able to provide the money orders and account numbers before the leasing office closed. Go Action Team One (our nickname for ourselves when we need to get things done)!

To save our muscles unnecessary pain, we unloaded the truck directly into our garage (which is connected to our apartment above it). That meant that we only had to take the bed and a few large shelving units up the stairs to our new place. It also allowed us to disinfect all belongings before moving them upstairs into the apartment. Some things got mildewy or moldy or filled with dust mites in our old place, and we didn’t want to let that continue. Our in-house washing machine got a workout those first few days!

Once the truck was empty, we showered–at last!–and posed the ultimate test to our new home. Would the pizzeria next door live up to my expectations? After a year of making my own for lack of a pizzeria in town, I was ready for someone else to do the work.

I’m happy to report that the pizza was good! Best of all, they serve Chimay. The bartender was friendly and chatted with us about the area and about our old home. He’d spent some time in Crescent City fishing, which was a crazy, cool coincidence. Things were looking good for our new home.

Next up: Got a 24′ truck for an extra day? Why not fill it up with IKEA stuff?



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3 responses to “The drive down California, Day Two

  1. kevin poff

    Ugh…i hate moving.. i too overlooked things in my lease agreement. I thought my lease was month to month after the initial first year lease. So over the past couple months, i’ve been looking for first floor apartment. Alas I found one and they would allow a small dog. I could finally have a lil buddy. So i started packing up my stuff. Couple days later, the people whom i was going to rent from said my landlord gave a glowing review,BUT my lease wasn’t up until February. Unless i stated in writing that i wanted a month to month, the lease automatically renews…Grrrrrrrr!!! Anyway, im glad to hear you arrived safely,and celebrate with pizza and yummy Chimay. God bless though monks! Have fun shopping at IKEA cuz!!! hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Jen

    I hope the big bad apartment company I work for was not at play in either of the situations. Ugh.

    Congrats on making it in one piece to your new dessert home! You must visit the crochet museum soon.

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