Finally, a chance to breathe…and blog.

So much has happened in the last month–mostly good, I’m happy to report. Yet again, I was extremely lucky with this move. By now, the two of us are a moving machine; we’ve got it all down pat. But each move presents its own challenges, and this latest move was no different. But luck was on our side, and each challenge was easily conquered. The next few posts will catch you up on the rather uneventful move (and buy me time to write some entertaining posts about the fun stuff going on these days).

The packing was pretty easy, as we’d started well in advance. I scoured the web for deals and got 25% off our moving truck, too. But a week before the move, we measured our stuff and concluded that the truck reserved wouldn’t fit everything easily. Unfortunately, after a 16′ truck, the next size is 24′. That’s a BIG difference, especially when you’re driving two-lane, twisty, cliff-side roads during the rainy season. For that reason, we’d opted to caravan instead of tow our car. A hairpin turn in the rain for a vehicle chain that long could be…I can’t even think about it! So we upgraded the truck, temporarily resulting in THREE trucks reserved for us. It took a few calls, but we finally cleared that up.

Move day was a challenge. After picking up the truck, M went to drop off some furniture donations with it, while I brought boxes from upstairs outside to the garage for loading. (We bought a dolly–something we should have done several moves back.) When the truck returned, we started the loading. Our “oversize” truck proved to be a tight fit for all of our crap. Between trips from the house and taking time to assess the best way to load, it took nearly 8 hours with just the two of us. Add in time spent keeping the neighborhood kids from trying to play on the ramp and climb up inside, and it was a long day. Imagine two of us, sweaty and dirty, trying to push dollies with boxes of books, while at the same time managing at least half a dozen boys under age 9, all bearing toy swords and guns and running up the ramp to stamp out evil. Perhaps I shouldn’t have ‘shot back’ with the tape gun and egged them on. Perhaps it was a bad idea to wrap Mike in packing tape for their entertainment–nah, that part was fun and totally worth it. Either way, we got through it with sheer will power and a little bit of Taco Bell (don’t judge).

Since our bed was packed and we were exhausted from load-in, M requested that we drive 1/2 hour south through some of the twistiest roadside to a motel to sleep. Not only would it be more comfortable than the floor, but after a couple of weeks of solid rain, the rain had stopped right before we picked up the truck and was holding off.

I certainly wasn’t going to take photos while driving, but you can imagine the beauty of a full-moon drive along a road with views like this:

That night, I experienced the true meaning of “joint pain.” I’d really overdone it, moving all of the boxes of books and heavy furniture. I’m sure our motel neighbors must have considered calling in a domestic violence report, because I was whining and crying out in pain all night. Tylenol PM did nothing for me. I barely slept, my wrists and forearms searing with pain. Thankfully, it eased up by midday the next day, and by move-in day I was ready to injure myself all over again.

The next morning, we said goodbye to the redwoods and headed for Santa Nella, California, the next stop on our trip. [To be continued tomorrow…]


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