No way out…sorta

Wednesday, I was hoping to have dinner at Requa Inn one more time before the move. We’d had a great meal on a previous visit and looked forward to another one. Unfortunately, the front page of our local paper informed us that due to heavy rains, our visit would be postponed. The only road up the hill to the inn (and to the homes of about 100 neighbors) was washed away. The Inn sits atop a hill where the Klamath River meets the Pacific Ocean. The view from atop the hill is stunning, and tourist often come to for the view and for whale watching. A few tourists were trapped when they drove up the hill for the view just before the road collapse. They camped and were eventually rescued by boat. Their car was left behind until it can be retrieved later.

In light of that news, news of other road collapse, and continuing, we decided against driving south to Eureka Thursday. We’re done packing and had nothing to do, and allergies to the mold in our apartment made us want to get out for a while. We decided instead to head to Cave Junction, OR for the beautiful drive through the redwoods along the way.

Unfortunately, our Cave Junction trip was cut short before we even left Crescent City. At the beginning of Highway 199, we were stopped by road crews. In the distance, we saw earth movers clearing out what appeared to be a rock slide.

That left one road out of town: Highway 101 north. We drove to Brookings, Oregon and hung out at a coffeeshop for a while. It wasn’t the greatest adventure, but we did find a real, working pay phone and booth nearby!


Pay phone in the wild!





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2 responses to “No way out…sorta

  1. Jen

    Wow! I have seen one of those in, ah, I don’t know how long.

  2. We saw another one today, deep in the woods! It was a radio phone (no telephone lines that far from civilization) so there was a big antenna on it.

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