Oh, my nose!

Allergies are back. My poor nose–or to be more specific, my poor left nostril–is sore and raw. I am apparently allergic to something not added to my immunotherapy mix back in Colorado. My guess is that it is mold, which is EVERYWHERE here. As I’ve packed for the move, I’ve uncovered moldy corners in closets that the buckets (yes, BUCKETS–64-ounce buckets to be precise) of Damp-Rid could not stop. I’m sneezy and my nostril is runny and my head is stuffy and it makes me sad.

The most strange and disgusting effect of these allergies is what I like to call my flesh-eating bacteria. There’s mucus around my nostril, and the skin was so raw that it split. I’ve been using Neopsorin, moisturizer, and Vitamin E oil, but it makes it look like I’ve got fresh snot all around my nose. The bf says it’s just allergic rhinitis, but he’s only a physician. I’m an afflicted woman, the one with a high-speed Internet connection, knowledge of medical web site URLs, and lots of time on my hands!



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2 responses to “Oh, my nose!

  1. Cari

    Oh noes!! Yes…I just typed that. Sorry you are feeling bad. But dry desert should solve that problem for you soon! Only a few more days!!

  2. Princess T

    Ha! I ❤ you. WebMD once convinced me I had throat cancer. Heh.

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