Or will I dry up like a salt-covered slug?

As I type this, it is 48 degrees and foggy, with humidity at 96%. We had 17 inches of rain over a few days last week, causing mudslides. There are slugs EVERYWHERE. It’s spring in Crescent City.

Spring here is a good thing. If the rain holds off on move day, the weather will make loading up the truck much easier. We have a lot of stuff, and there are only two of us to move it all. Also, the mist and fog on the coast is beautiful. It’s even more impressive among the redwoods. I love the lush landscape here, and I will truly miss the gorgeous coastline and breathtaking redwood trees.

This morning, over breakfast, I decided to browse the news online to learn a little bit about my new home in the desert. The first article that caught my eye was this little piece about the arrival of 3-digit temperatures. Yep…it’s already hitting 100 degrees in the Coachella Valley.

Our move-in day is sure to be a testament to our will. I know the drill: take it slow, take breaks, drink lots of water, wear sunscreen. But after a year in foggy, cloudy, wet, rainy Crescent City, I’m afraid I might burst into flame on day one.  If I do, I’ll try to make sure someone photographs it so they can post an update here.


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