Juggling & knitting

This week, I’m working on packing, identifying stuff to sell at a yard sale, working on my resume, scheduling all of the cool things we want to do before we leave, finishing some books, and starting a knitting project. Yep…just a few things.

It may seem foolish to start a knitting project during a move, but the move is what inspired the project. I’d seen a great recycled-fabric rug in Mason-Dixon Knitting.  It gave me (what I hope) is a brilliant idea to make use of old clothing that is too damaged for the donation box.

We have jeans with holes in the wrong places, shirts with holes bleach stains, and shirts made of synthetic fabrics that can’t be use by anyone or torn up into rags for household cleanup. During the last move, I couldn’t find any place to recycle or reuse such clothing, so I had to throw away a bag of clothing. This time, however, I’m cutting the fabric into strips and making fabric yarn from it! The yarn is sure to be lumpy, bumpy, and probably pretty ugly. But fear not, my four loyal readers*; no one will get a scarf or sweater made of the hideous fabric yarn.

Inspired by a pattern in the book, I’m making a rug!  It might go in the garage or in the vestibule of our new apartment for wiping filthy shoes after a hike. Since the fabrics would otherwise be trash, I can wash the rug in hot water with bleach, and it won’t matter.

Last night I started cutting fabric and realized that I need a decent pair of fabric scissors. I’ll get them tonight and post a pic of the yarn soon.  Other fabric yarn is rather pretty, with yards of colorful fabric in the same material.  This stuff goes from denim to polyester to poly-cotton blend, and it’s hideous. But if the rug stays in one piece and survives the washer, I will feel such a sense of accomplishment! Can you feel just how excited I am about this stupid recycled rug of gross stuff? Seriously…there are shirts with ring-around-the collar and pit stains, but I can’t wait to knit with them.


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