Planning for the move

No posts lately due to the fact that we’ve been on the move! Drove down to Coachella Valley to look at apartments (post on that coming soon) and started seriously evaluating what stuff will stay and what stuff will move with us.

But also on the agenda: exercise. I am at the most de-conditioned I’ve ever been, and it’s bringing me down. For many reasons, we’re moving ourselves with no help since we never made many friends here. That means that the two of us must lift all of our belongings.

We can do it–we did it down three flights in Philly only to move stuff up three flights in Boston (both walk-ups). I ached for days after that move! Boston to Denver was similar, but we had help in both cities, as well as an elevator to the third floor in Denver.

I’m trying to lift weights–nothing serious, but just something to help me get a little stronger. I could seriously use the training, anyway, but having a goal in mind is good for motivation.

Additionally, I’m getting back on the Couch to 5K wagon. I had a little setback when my plantar fasciitis flared up (getting old sucks), but I’ve worked out a way to deal with it and not injure myself. I hate running, but C25K is a manageable plan with a goal in mind. I don’t plan to run a 5K, but I need a goal.

Back to planning, but I vow to make more regular updates from this point on. Let’s set another goal, shall we? I aim to post every other day. Or should it be consistent days of the week? Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday? Hmm…Monday/Wednesday/Friday, with a bonus weekend post at some point? To all two readers out there–what do you think?


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  1. Hmmm..perhaps a Sunday recap of the weekend, and maybe a mid-week update on all the action. Whenever you post…it will be read! Sorry you don’t have much help moving…bummer.

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