Golf, anyone?

A few weeks ago, I was browsing a thrift store in Southern Oregon. I had to drive 30 minutes from my California home to Oregon to run an errand, because I live in the middle of nowhere. But that’s another story. Anyway, I enjoy thrift stores and stop at this store whenever I have to run errands IN ANOTHER STATE (not that I’m bitter about that) so that it feels like I’m getting the most out of my road trip.

Despite the fact that we’re moving and should be getting rid of stuff, not buying more, I saw a putting game for $3 and bought it for the bf. He enjoys golf but hasn’t played much lately since it’s rainy here in winter.

When I got the game home, I realized that we don’t have any good putting surface in our apartment. Carpet and vinyl flooring aren’t the best golf settings. So I headed to Home Depot and asked about artificial turf grass.  Sure enough, they sell it by the yard, and it was only 48 cents per yard! [Side note: Buying flooring by the yard at Home Depot requires that an associate operate a super-cool ‘flooring rotisserie’, and I highly recommend it.]

That night, after a long day at work, the bf was able to relax with some putting on his very own indoor putting green. And all for only about $7.

Flash forward to this week: bf is at a meeting, and I’m home alone, bored. I’m sick of packing boxes and researching apartments in Southern California. All those packing materials gave me an idea: Now he can come home to his very own indoor miniature golf course!  Sure, each ‘hole’ needs to be set up and torn down since we have only one green. But there are so many possibilities.

Below is a crappy camera pic of the first hole.

DIY mini-golf

Sure, it’s no Pirate’s Cove, but it’s free, and we don’t have to drive anywhere to play.


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