Facebook coma

Recently, I made a decision to deactivate my Facebook account.  It was not Facebook suicide, but merely a coma.  All I had to do is log in to reactivate my account. For two weeks, my posts were gone and I disappeared from friend lists.

I made the decision and announced it a few hours before I deactivated, so that friends could see my announcement before it disappeared. But I still got emails and calls from family who wanted to know if I was okay or if I had unfriended them.

Why would I opt out of the most popular website on the planet? Because it’s a time suck. I posted every day or so on Facebook, but I wasted a lot of time reading the feeds of my friends and family. I enjoy knowing what they’re doing and love seeing baby photos of their kids, but I was losing hours each day just reading about what they were doing. (I don’t even play games or interact with brands like so many other do.  I can’t imagine how much time they were wasting.) In the mean time, I was doing nothing. I needed to disconnect for a bit to reclaim my days.

In my unemployment, I’ve lost motivation. With no schedule, I just sit and read crap on the Internet instead of blogging, reading books, learning more about web design (something I’d started a year ago), exercising, or anything else constructive. So I’m on a mission to eliminate distractions and create some structure in my life.

My move inspired at least one friend to take a break, too. When I returned a few more friends either took a break or deleted their accounts altogether.  I think a lot of us are facing some Facebook fatigue. Either we waste time on it, fear it is invading our privacy, or both.

I think I’ll keep the practice of deactivating every once in a while. I’ve also removed the Facebook app from my iPod Touch and my smart phone. After all, if I’m on Facebook, I can’t be entertaining the masses (all three of you) with my fascinating blog posts!



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3 responses to “Facebook coma

  1. I too, was infected with Facebook Fatigue. Took a 3 week hiatus to try and clean my head and focu….oh a butterfly. It was a good break, and I too, will also will take scheduled breaks. Lotta work needs done.

  2. Jen

    So you were the one off of my friend list! It has been shrinking slowly.

    I should take your lead on the break part.

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