And so it begins again…

On several occasions in the past, I began a blog when I had a big life change–usually a big relocation.  Within a few months, the blog was neglected–no, abandoned. Now here I am once again, restarting my blog.

That can only mean one thing.

Yep, I’m moving again.

For those who might not know, I have moved a lot.  A quick synopsis of sorts:

Lived in one state for 18 years.  Moved to another state for 8 years, but changed apartments a bunch of times within the same town. Moved 3000 miles to another state for 8 years, changing apartments a lot at first but settling in for the last four.  Moved 3000 miles back to my hometown, met a terrific man, and started a new pattern of frequent inter-state moves.

So…beginning in March 2006, let’s chart my moves:

March 2006: CA to NJ (wanted to be near family again)

January 2007: NJ to PA (wanted to be near family, but not in the same house as them)

January 2008: PA to MA (bf was finishing residency there)

July 2009: MA to CO (bf got a job post-residency)

April 2010: CO to Northern CA (job changes forced bf to transfer to a new facility)

Which brings us to the present, 2011. And another move.

This one is technically not an inter-state move, but it might as well be. We are moving from the northern border of CA, with Pacific Northwest climate and ancient redwoods, to an area close to the southern border of CA, with deserts and the Salton Sea.  (My poor skin and hair will be so confused, moving from one extreme to another yet again.  The northeast was a bit humid, Colorado was very dry, NorCal was super-humid, and now the desert.  Donations of moisturizer and sunscreen will be greatly appreciated.)

What does all this mean for me?  Well, one thing is for sure–it’s time to start blogging again!


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One response to “And so it begins again…

  1. Jen

    Yay! Welcome back to the land of blogging.

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