No Nature Day last weekend

We had to skip our Sunday hike last weekend in order to visit friends in Portland, OR. It was my first visit to the city, and it’s adorable. After a month in our rural town, it was nice to see lots of buses and light rail and high rises and people walking.

Unfortunately, it rained most of the time so we couldn’t see the rose gardens or Japanese gardens for which Portland is known. But we spent time with friends, ate delicious food (hello Potato Champion poutine and Bete-Lukas Ethiopian!), and enjoyed being in a city.

I’ll try to get better at updating and writing more meaningful posts.



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2 responses to “No Nature Day last weekend

  1. Lancaster finally has a Ethiopian restaurant! The reviews I’ve read were pretty good although it’s apparently the size of a postage stamp. Who cares,right? As long as its good. Any recommendations on what to eat?

    • Doro wot is a very traditional dish, but the chicken leg and hardboiled egg might not look like the best to the less adventuresome. I love the veggie dishes and often order a veggie combo: alicha, shiro peas, whatever they’ve got. Tibs (lamb or beef) are good, too. And just a heads up: kitfo and gored gored are dishes featuring raw beef so don’t look shocked when it arrives.

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