Another amazing hike

On Sunday we hiked a bit of the Coastal Trail and the Damnation Creek Trail.  The latter trail is a dead end and is pretty easy on the way down. But it’s a steep climb back up the 1000 feet to the Coastal Trail, and we were a little achy this week. But it was well worth the effort. The sights were amazing, from redwoods to irises to tide pools.

Toward the end, we took a photo of a tree with Mike nearby, then of that tree from afar.  Even when you are on the trail, it’s hard to comprehend the scale of these trees unless you are right next to them. Amazing stuff.

Enough chatter…on with the photos!


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One response to “Another amazing hike

  1. PT

    AHHHHH…these pictures are AMAZING!!! (As soon as I saw the caption “Fungus” my brain said “AMONG US!” That’s just sad.)

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