It rains here a lot. We have as many rainy days here, it seems, as our Denver home had sunny ones.  And when it rains, the slugs come out.  And the slugs here are many and varied.

I first noticed a slug on the garage door on our first rainy day (I believe that was our first day here):

Snail on the garage door

Then I walked around to the back of the apartment to check out the flooding (we’re scouting spots where we might plant a garden without drowning the veggies).  I nearly squished a bunch of these little guys, as there were easily a dozen of them crawling in the grass:

When I reached the back of the building, I noticed what I thought were a couple of frogs or toads hanging out on the wall. But since there were no nearby lakes or streams or creeks, I took a closer big sluglook.  That thing, nearly 5 inches long and about an inch and a half around, was a giant SLUG! I called out to Doc and asked him to come take a look at something.  He’s not easily creeped out by bugs, but even he took a step back when he first caught sight of these monsters. A little research tells us that these are likely leopard slugs.  Ick.

It’s gonna be a slimy summer…


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