How the Internet can steal my day from me

I’m looking for work, so I spend some time every day or so looking at online job listings. Today, a stop at the local newspaper’s job listings took me to the site for a local headquarters of a Native American tribe.  The classified directed job seekers to their own site for a detailed job description.

As the page loading, I heard the strains of Enigma’s “Return to Innocence.”  Remember that one?  It was a “make-out song” when I was in college; you knew that if Enigma was playing you didn’t dare enter the roommate’s room. When it starts playing in a play or film, you know exactly what’s going to happen next.  So why was it playing on the official page of Native American tribe?

I listened to the non-English, Native American-sounding chant that plays throughout the song and thought, “Huh, so that chant must come from this tribe.  How cool!” Then I did a little searching online (having so much knowledge at my fingertips leads to plenty of distractions) and found some interesting information.  That chant is not Native American but a song from a Taiwanese aboriginal culture.

Not content to trust Wikipedia, I searched further and found a site for Taiwanese aboriginal people.  Apparently Enigma was successfully sued for using that chant without permission. Specifically, they used a recording without permission, as I understand it.

So it made me wonder who created the web site for this Native American tribe, and why did they choose music by aborigines from Taiwan?  Maybe they just like the song. But to use a song that is, according to my reading, often credited to Native Americans in error is just confusing the situation.  And why not use their own music?

Maybe if I apply for and get the job, I can do something about that.



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3 responses to “How the Internet can steal my day from me

  1. Jen

    I loved that Enigma song in college.

  2. Enigma….on a Native American website?….(shakes head). good song though, definitively 90’s.

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