Our famous town

On our first weekend in Crescent City, we drove through the redwood forests.  It is simply stunning.  I didn’t have camera batteries, so you’ll have to wait for photos. Or Google it for photos that are better than I could take.

While driving the winding roads among redwoods, looking out over the coast, I was instantly reminded of one thing: ET and Elliott escaping the government bad guys.  A little Internet searching told me that yes, this WAS the very same spot where those scenes were filmed.   I can’t tell you how excited I was to be living near ET’s escape route. It was more exciting than my first visit to Venice Beach, where I realized I was in the very spot where Kelly first met Turbo & Ozone in “Breakin’.”

The redwood forests were also the setting for the Ewok village in “Return of the Jedi.” Sadly, Mike told me that the village was destroyed long ago by loggers.

“All those displaced Ewoks!” I cried. (Maybe they’re living in one of our homeless encampments at the fairgrounds, behind the Safeway, or in the cemetery–but more on that in another post.)

On another Saturday, we headed to the bluffs along the shore to look at Castle Rock, a wildlife refuge. We wanted to read the informational display, but a film crew had roped off the area.  I later learned that they had been filming footage for use in promotional materials for Jeep.  The ocean, the huge rock in the distance, redwoods…this is a popular place for car ads.  I’m sure you’ve seen some SUV cruising through tall evergreens; it just might be my ‘hood!



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2 responses to “Our famous town

  1. FrankDNA

    I live just a few blocks from where Sun Ra lived and recorded in the 70s! Also remembering the brief thrill of having my first apartment in the same ZIP code as PBS’ Zoom: ooooh-two-oooone-three-fooouuur!

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