Crescent City, the rural city

Everyone seems to have a different idea of what Crescent City is.  Most of them, unless they’ve visited, are wrong.

Crescent City is a small town along Highway 101 on the California coast, up near the Oregon border.  A local told me that the towns along the coast sprung up with about 1/2 hour (by car) between each town, based on the length of one horse ride as you travel up or down the coast.  I haven’t researched that yet, so take it as you wish.

Since there is a major trucking route through town, there are a number of hotels, fast food establishments, and three large grocery stores. We have a small movie theater, a bowling alley, a number of banks, one tiny bookstore with mostly used books, and a few small businesses.  There are fisheries, a logging company that makes decks and other such wood items, an organic certifier, fairgrounds, and a company that makes organic fish fertilizer out of waste.

As the only incorporated city in the county, Crescent City has a DMV office, a courthouse, and other city services you might expect. So with all that, it does seem odd to call us ‘rural.’ But it is still appropriate.

The ‘city’ lies on the ocean–in an area vulnerable to tsunamis, I must add. In 1964, the town was destroyed by one. There are markers in places to show how high the water was, and there are large horns and evacuation route signs around town as part of the warning system. On the eastern edge of the city are Redwoods National & State Parks. So while there are enough provisions in town, there’s not a lot more.

We had to rent a car at the airport and drive an hour and a half to get to a car dealer to buy a car. There is no place to have our mid-century modern buffet, damaged in the move, repaired. There are no bookstores save the tiny one specializing in used genre fiction.  To browse books or to buy clothes that aren’t from the local Wal Mart, we must drive two hours to Medford, Oregon.  That’s where you’ll find the closest major shopping center.

Our online shopping bill is about to increase significantly.


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