Why the move? The Short Version

Why did we move from the fabulous city of Denver to the small town of Crescent City, CA?  The bf (known here as “Doc”) is part of a government program called the National Health Service Corps (NHSC), and his Denver position no longer fulfills the requirements for the program.*  He looked for jobs in the Denver metro area, but there were no qualifying positions open at the time.  That means there were no open positions with organizations registered with NHSC that scored the correct rating for an NHSC scholar position. He interviewed for two jobs in Colorado outside the Denver area, but neither was a good fit for him at all.

When Doc finished residency, he had considered jobs in the state of CA so he applied for a CA license. Since licensing can take 6 months or more, the job search was limited to Colorado and California, where he already holds licenses.  If he was out of work for more than a month, he would be in violation of his own contract with NHSC, so avoiding licensing issues was important.

The Crescent City job was a good fit.  He is part of an organized, talented team (instead of being the only physician or one of two physicians in a rural area). The center qualifies as underserved, but they are properly staffed. And the area is BEAUTIFUL–but more on that in another post.

So…Doc flew out for an interview, checked out the community and housing options, and it felt right.  We waited for another interview within Colorado the following week, but it was very different.  Crescent City it was!  After a few days of phone tag with human resources, Doc accepted the position.  A few days later, they negotiated a start date via email.  That start date was a week and a half away.

Nine months after arriving in Denver from Boston, it was time to pack and move again.

How did we do it? That’s a post in itself, coming soon.

*Yes, there is more to the story. But that is his story, so I’ll let him tell it as he sees fit.


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