Worst blog name ever

It was funny at the time…

I was at a loss for what to name my blog.

A lengthy discussion ensued with my partner.  Suggestions were made.

The conversation quickly devolved into silliness.  Ridiculous suggestions were made.

“Happy Scrappy Blog” stuck.

It means nothing.  It explains nothing. But since this is being written for folks who already know me, who cares right?

It’s going to be a FAQs for my life, a repository for those questions that friends and family ask often.  I find myself telling the same story over and over, about our move, our new city, the job that brought us here, my job hunt. So read this, and then call or email me to discuss the details. It will save me keystrokes. It might entertain, though I make no promises whatsoever.


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One response to “Worst blog name ever

  1. Princess

    This totally reminds me of SNL’s Happy Fun Ball. Ha ha!

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